My Painting… My Masterpiece

As the year draws to an end and a fresh start nears, there is something about being the person who I am that makes me look at this ‘’clean state’’ a bit differently than I used to. Bidding farewell to 2016 just like any other year may sound nothing new, but something that happens year after year. But often we fail to realize that every single year that we have lived by has in itself taught us numerous life lessons that have been instrumental in molding our lives to an extent that we may be unaware of. The year that has just gone by harkens times of deep reflection of the past while assuring me that the coming new year will be a year of hope and prosperity, not just for me alone but for so many others who are caught up in the whirlwind of daily life.

As I look forward to stepping into the New Year, unlike several others who make resolutions and bucket lists across the globe, in the hope of allowing the dawn of a new year to represent a new self, I believe in the Power of Today, the Power of This Moment, the Power of NOW! I feel the need to recognize the importance of cherishing this moment, and that’s why Today is often referred to as the Present, a gift that is given to us not by fate or destiny but by choice. I have comes across so many young men and women who are seen to be engaged in painting the new year with broad strokes using a paint brush, a personalized rendering of new beginnings. Yet before the paint can even dry, these young souls choose to forget to stop and admire the picture of their own goals and dreams, either they are too busy caught up in their worldly affairs or their interests seems to have changed. Shadowy obligations and sooty responsibilities are often held responsible for this behavior. What is left back is simply an incomplete canvas, which awaits those potent hands to fill shades of hues in it without being taken over by our worries, doubts, misconceptions and distractions.

Seeing the existing scenario which is so well-defined by qualities of impatience and worldly distractions I choose to sit with a figurative paintbrush in my hand and begin from scratch to give  shape to my thoughts which otherwise would just remain within me unspoken and unheard. I wish to live my resolutions not just by word of mouth alone but by concrete actions that is well backed with integrity and fidelity. As a person at work, I’ve learned that while am relatively young, I possess an old soul that banks on the idea of— nothing in this life is static nor is it promised. We cannot or more so we should not push-off what we crave today unto tomorrow, because there is no certainty that tomorrow may come. My painting- My masterpiece – it may live and die within me, never to be shared with the rest of the world.


My  Painting…My Masterpiece… It may live and die within me, never to be shared with the rest of the world…

While so many of my friends await January 1st. to bring about a change or to make an impact on someone or something, I on the other hand feel that to make a difference one should not await for a particular calendar day or month rather make a difference in everything that one does every single day. While few would be of the opinion that it is essential to incessantly plan the future in order to pursue one’s dreams, but my surroundings have inspired me to open up to all those around me, paint my passion tirelessly; without fearing the fact of being acknowledged or rewarded. In short I feel the strong desire to create my masterpiece while I’m here today.

An academic institution like mine may not be a very appropriate place where I could interact with people from various walks of life, or be given a platform to grow ceremoniously, because I feel I am surrounded by folks whose hopes are either to fly high at times tainted with fear or some who have loved in the hope of being loved only to be faced by the brutal realities of life. But in spite of it all, I feel much happiness can be generated under such circumstances by sheer grit and determination in whatever one does.

As I wish all my fellow friends who are brimming with passion and flooded with dreams that hopefully they should be armed with the valor and strength to see each of their canvas’ brought to life. Or soon the canvas may get lost or trapped with the completion of other commitments as the need of the hour would demand so. Though life may put before several occasions orchestrated by the common hustle and bustle, causing one to feel challenged and defeated too but what matters is how we can put aside everything to paint that beautiful portrait which will be worth cherishing in the years to come. What we all have is one moment, and all we need to do is make it worth remembering! I resolve to pick up that paintbrush every single day of my life, to meticulously paint my thoughts and give it the color that it is so devoid of. I also wish that all those who are gloriously awaiting the dawn of 2017 may be successful in creating their masterpiece on their live’s canvas so that in the annual gallery of abandoned hopes and wayward dreams, each of them could share their unique creations.


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