A Word Of Concern Never Goes In Vain

‘I’ have always been my favourite book, unaware of being read secretly and this habit of spending qualitative time with me and myself has very often left me with answers to questions which otherwise would remain unasked and unanswered too. These are not difficult questions that require lengthy answers but on the contrary these are those small questions dealing with the minutest issues of day to day life that are often ignored or considered too casual to be dealt with. Well, this definitely does not mean my over involvement with self or so to say my self-obsession but yes it certainly clarifies my love for self and my constant urge to make myself capable enough to deal with the changing times while enjoying the ice-cream before it melts.

As social animals, we all come across numerous humans in our life, who at some point or the other influence us in very many ways. Sometimes we as quick learners realize their presence in our lives and express our gratitude for the good that they have done to us but on other occasions we fail to realize their presence in our daily walks of life and walk past ignoring them either because we have considered them to be our critiques or simply some insignificant person. The difference lies here, that are we being justified in ignoring those who seem meaningless and insignificant to us? Having pondered over this a couple of times, coupled with close observations, I came to the conclusion that we as individuals, play a very significant role in the lives of our immediate neighbours. Through our day to day actions we can either be makers or breakers of an individual’s personality. Our slightest of actions have a huge impact on people who accompany us as we trudge life’s path. We may appear to be dormant participants in moulding the way a person thinks, acts, believes and behaves and  having realized the significance of my actions, I have come to believe that;

A word of appreciation, a word of consolation, a word of hope, a word of concern, a word of harmony and a word of empathy does not ever go in vain. We never know who may be in dire need of this at any point of time and when we go out of our way to express that little word of ‘emotion’ to that person next door, little do we know how that somebody would be impacted by it in the long run.

As ambitious humans we constantly look out for some sense of appreciation and encouragement from others even in the slightest of things that we do. Failing to get so over a continued period of time, we tend to lose hope and desire both, to do things differently or even have an opinion about the same. And slowly and steadily as the process gets accentuated, a spirit of dismay and despair becomes the dominating art of the day. Very soon the person’s inner self starts fading away into a world of delusion that is often created as a result of his/her own imaginary thought process never to be reconciled with the reality. Thus in order to prevent this breakdown machinery to actually overtake an individual’s thought process, we need to come out of our comfort zone and take that little extra mile just in order to refurbish the decaying spirit of an individual who otherwise would be lost in oblivion.


Winning friends may be easy, but retaining their friendship and being remembered for what you still mean to them, is the essence of the whole purpose. Hoarding wealth will help us to buy extravagant external coverings, but harnessing friendship will help us grow as a single soul, dwelling in two bodies.


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