Holi- A Celebration of Life and Beyond!!

While I celebrated Holi this year, I realized that Holi is not just a festival of colours but a celebration of life itself. A celebration that should not just last for a day or two, but every single day of life irrespective of the time and venue. A celebration that should come from within and not elsewhere.

As I looked around, there was festivity in the air. Amidst smiles and laughter in the company of friends, there was jubilation that marked the end of the cold dry winters as we welcomed spring, a season of clichés!!

As we await the coming of Spring, a season that is marked by new beginnings, in the hope of dissolving social differences and bitterness I look forward to embracing each other in order to start afresh with a renewed and revived spirit. This is the beauty of Spring, and in particular the Festival of Colours! Holi carries a universal message of spreading joy, brotherhood, peace and prosperity! No wonder it is often referred to as the festival of wholesomeness!!

collage-2017-03-14 (1)
Drenched in hues of RED, PINK, GREEN & PURPLE. Celebrating the colours of of our beautiful friendship!!!

As we were dipped in all sorts and shades of colour last afternoon, I was reminded of the riot of colours that delineates all hues of life. Often we are faced with situations, when nothing around seems to be working in our favour and we tend to feel disgusted almost on the verge of giving up, that’s when we are called to be enduring and patient. Then there are times when life is vibrant and energetic, the good times as we call them, which comes and goes, and that needs to be lived in such a fashion, so that we don’t regret about it later. Life goes on in a spectacular fashion, with its shades of grey, black and brown signifying the dull and sombre moments that are also crucial to an individual. Facing all these colours of life, is just like facing the different circumstances that come and go, only to make us better individuals.

As the day came to an end and just before I could fall asleep with the memories of a beautiful fun-filled day, I lay on my bed with my eyes wide open as if I was witnessing on the screen of my consciousness everything that had occurred during the day. While trying to decipher the underlying essence of the festival of colours, I wish to admit the fact that the spirit of Holi can only be felt, but never be described in words. Going beyond the objectivity of this festival, I feel that the myriad colours which mark the very nature of this occasion, is very similar to the myriad colours of life, that we often fail to acknowledge while journeying through time.

Perhaps we all need to keep the festive spirit alive within us, not just for a day alone but on all days so that we may be able to cherish all those miraculous moments of our life which otherwise would go unnoticed.


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